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”Silly season all year” – 55% need to make recruitments

There is a boom in the Swedish social housing sector. The construction has been subordinated for decades, especially in the housing market, and the crew situation in the sector is very strained. Demand is significantly greater than supply and new talents entering the industry are hot byte. Property News has asked a couple of recruitment consultants focusing on community building summarize the situation.

Judith Kovacs, senior partner and CEO of People360, finds that there are hardcore candidates with relevant skills for the real estate and construction industry. She adds that the industry’s attractiveness must be better in order to meet the increasing housing construction. The places provided by the education system cover only about one third of the need.

– According to Fastigo, the real estate industry needs recruitment of approximately 11,000 people in the next 10 years, and according to the Swedish Construction Industries, the construction industry needs recruit about 40,000 new employees to match housing construction until 2025, Judith Kovacs says.

Sweden’s construction industry also points out in a new report that 55 percent of companies in the sector need recruitment, and 58 percent have failed to recruit.

”The lack of available candidates with relevant skills affects not only the property and construction companies, but also the companies in the recruitment industry competing for qualified candidates. This means, in essence, that they recruit their new employees from each other, ”says Judith Kovacs.

She receives Jens Johansson, CEO of Real Competence, who uses a football metaphor to describe the situation.

– The resource shortage unfortunately makes it start to look like a silly season all year long. Many employers fight the talents at the same time, which drives up wages, even within the municipalities. There are examples where highly proficient consulting firms have had difficulty matching the municipal payroll position for certain specialist positions, says Jens Johansson.

The situation also affects the behavior of the candidates, who have now become accustomed to being recruited by recruiters and employers, he adds that over time, a lower search pressure from traditional advertising has been noted. Advertising must now always be completed with a search process.

40’s are checking out
According to Jens Johansson, a contributory reason for the strained situation is that the 40’s, as he says, have checked out. In addition, there is a certain incurience in terms of skills on the business side, where neither the level of knowledge nor the recruitment has been associated with the rapid technological development.

”Given that nothing dramatically happens in the rest of the world, we will see continued high demand for services in project and property development. Parallel there will be a major shortage of, for example, land and development engineers, architectural planners and architects, etc. on the municipal side. There is still a lack of property managers, but we see that new courses are likely to meet some of the demand, he says.

Jens Johansson states that what could spontaneously change the situation is a sharp change in the real estate market that would change the demand, that is, the type of skills demanded and the magnitude of demand.

Important to work with marketing
In the real estate industry, it is in principle consensus that the situation is stable and will hardly be disturbed within the foreseeable future, although it should be emphasized that more and more people seem to be able to spot the storms on the horizon. Given that there is no major change in the market, how can you solve the most acute problem?

Judith Kovacs says that there must be an agreement among industry actors in the short term to hire people who have the right personality and prerequisite to solve the task – even if they come from other industries.

– A person from, for example, industry who manages project management, is likely to develop into a good project leader in the industry with the right support from the employer in the form of further education and mentoring.

She adds that the recruitment companies in each mission can offer the client a qualified candidate from another industry, thus widening the perspective of where to attract qualified people.

– In the long term, cooperation between the education sector and the real estate and construction industry should be developed to find new solutions that increase attractiveness, so that more people train in the area and become available to the companies. One idea may be to start vocational upper secondary schools, another idea could be to bring people with ”luminous power” who have the task of marketing the industry in new channels and media that are attractive to graduates growing up in a digitized world, ”says Judith Kovacs .

Jens Johansson states that one must clearly bring in more people in the industry

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