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Lennart Johansson appointed Uppsala Parking’s new CEO

Lennart Johansson becomes Uppsala Parking’s new CEO Our current CEO retires this summer and is replaced by Lennart Johansson. He is today the managing director of Borås’s municipal company.

– Lennart Johansson takes over the relay pin when the company continues to develop future parking solutions for the municipality residents. He has everything we have been looking for: the merits, leadership qualities and strong commitment to parking issues, says Chairman Jonas Andersson.

”It is an exciting challenge to lead Uppsala Parkering AB. I look forward to taking on the task especially now that the company is in charge of building several new P-houses in the next few years, so that we can reduce street parking for public transport, cyclists and pedestrians, says Lennart Johansson.

Lennart Johansson starts working at Uppsala parking this fall. He lives in Borås but will move to Uppsala.

Uppsala Parkerings AB, owned by Uppsala municipality, manages all street parking at the public site in Uppsala municipality, approximately 10,000 parking spaces and 2,500 seats in municipal neighborhoods. The company also owns a parking garage (Centralgaraget) and manages another two (Kvarnengaraget and Stadshusgaraget) with a total of approximately 700 seats. Uppsala Parkerings AB creates the conditions for sustainable urban development.

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Jonas Andersson, Chairman of Uppsala Parkerings AB
Christian Odehag, Head of Administration

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